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Buyers Guide: Hospital beds for the home

Throughout our many years of servicing medical professionals we have received feedback from our community over the years expressing elevated needs for the personal home. Through our continuous product development and expanding inventory we have grown into becoming the resource of choice for home care.

Most often, those seeking medical equipment for the home are often wanting to upgrade their current equipment for improved comfort and functionality. In some cases the patient is being transferred from hospital to home and requires continuous hospital-grade support. Regardless of the circumstances, these types of purchases often leave a lot of uncertainty during the purchasing process. To help alleviate the extra stress and worry, we are aiming to provide as many resources as possible.

This guide will focus primarily on refurbished hospital beds as this type of equipment is the most frequently inquired, as well as one of the most complex units to bring into the home.

At Cevi Med we offer refurbished hospital beds at a fraction of what they would cost brand new. Manufacturers that sell brand new beds typically only sell to certified medical professionals and as a distributor, we must abide by these practices.

What requirements must my home have to house a hospital bed?

  • With these beds weighing hundreds of pounds, not every home will be able to house hospital beds because they are delivered fully assembled. A qualified home will have minimal (0-5) steps leading into the main entrance with doorways of 30 inches or more in width. Unless the home has double doors, the delivery crew will have to tilt the bed on its side to bring the bed inside.
  • The designated room for the bed should be assigned to the ground floor. These beds cannot be carried upstairs or downstairs by the delivery crew as there is an increased risk of damage to the bed that can occur.
  • Upon entering the home, there are no long hallways, tight corners, or turning points leading into the room. Many homeowners choose to convert their living room space into a patient room for the additional space and convenience available to allow for a hospital bed.

What type of financial assistance is available?

  • Purchasing a refurbished hospital bed saves thousands of dollars in comparison to new, but to assist with the remaining investment costs, we offer financing options for every bed. Partnering with the company TimePayment, it is easy to submit a free application to view your available rate packages.
  • Please note that we are not able to work with insurance companies (including Medicare and Medicaid) at this time.

What type of bed is right for me?

  • We always recommend speaking with your direct physician first as they are able to provide guidance based on the patient's medical needs. To understand the basic distinctions, hospital beds come in two forms, standard and bariatric. This distinction refers to patient size. Standard beds usually have a working weight load ranging between 400-500 lbs. Standard beds also have a patient surface ranging between 30-36 inches in width and 80-84 inches in length. Bariatric beds have a working weight load ranging between 800-1050 lbs with a patient surface range of 36-48 inches in width and 72-88 inches in length. These measurements are general dimensions that vary between beds.
  • Other features to consider: the height of the bed and its ability to lower and rise, if the bed can maneuver into a chair position, mattress options.

Why does it take 2-3 weeks to receive a bed?

  • We refurbish these beds upon order placement and although we do our best to deliver every bed as quickly as possible, it is important that we take the time to ensure proper quality measures are met with every bed. Learn more about refurbishment in our last blog "What Does Refurbished Entail?".

Of course, even with the information provided here, you might still have a few questions left unanswered. So give us a call and we are happy to walk you through the rest of the way. Our customer service support team can be reached at (833) 238-4633.