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Olsen Infinity Premium Dental Chair

Cevi Med#: CM33040

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Warranty Information:
5 years warranty parts and 2 years warranty labor
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About this item

Olsen Infinity Premium Dental Chair

Check out the Infinity in 3D:


The dental chair is the star of your office. Infinity Premium, entry model of the top line of Olsen, helps you to obtain the best performance and also contributes to the loyalty of all your patients, with great comfort, design and technology.



The displayed image may contain some optional items that are not part of the initial product configuration




If you want to choose sewing color you have to choose the option leather in Chooose Color (Vinyl or Leather)



  • Automatic adjustment for seat and backrest
  • Zero position + three programmable work positions + spit position
  • Multi-articulating headrest with Press Click System
  • Emergency Position (-5o backrest tilt)
  • Acetabular articulation (Ergoflex)
  • Multifunctional foot pedal with progressive handpiece drive
  • Swivel right armrest
  • All external covers made of thermo-forming ABS (raw material)
  • Movements activated by Blue Touch® panel / foot pedal
  • Premium upholstery - optional genuine leather coat
  • Size of Chair (length): 79,13 in
  • Solids collector and Automatic Vapor Drain in the air system
  • Two oil-less Bosch electrical motors




  • Electrostatic painting using nanotechnology with antimicrobial properties, eliminating bacteria and other microorganisms.
  • Making the equipment safe we make your practice

Comfortable & ergonomic

  • Our equipment meets the new dental techniques that provide more comfort to the patient and the dentist, allowing the profesional to move ergonomically and respecting the privacy area of the patient.
  • And ErgoFlex function allows the synchronized movement of the chair with the body anatomy and motion, matter to this the patient's position remains when the chair is reclined or uplifted.

Versatile and flexible

  • You can use it in general practice, orthodontic, or in any specialty you practice, because our product is custom-made, so let's make it your own; Leather or PVC, traditional or continental delivery system, we have options for every part of it.
  • Put your patient at ease with

Optimal Support

  • 100% electronic lift system, oil-free with a Bosch engine accommodates patients with smooth and quiet motion, providing stability to the chair movement.
  • It also brings more durability to the equipment, reducing maintenance and electricity costs.
  • It is possible to save up to 75% of energy consumption when compared to hydraulic systems

Quality Control

  • In order to reinforce what is expected by a well-grounded manufacturer, We have a team dedicated to quality control and we test every piece of equipment that is produced on-site

Delivery Unit “1.4 Premium”

  • Counterbalance flex arm with pneumatic lock activated by capacitive sensor
  • 3 hand-piece positions + 1 three-way syringe
  • Coupled or Kart
  • Touch System to activate all the unit functions
  • Stainless steel tray
  • Exclusive Thermo Comfort® System
  • Anti-reflow system, anti-retraction valve;
  • Filter for solid waste in the water tank of the instruments
  • Borden or Midwest connection

Operating LED Light "Premium"

  • LED light Capacity: 8.000-24.000 Lux continuous adjustment
  • Proximity sensor for activation and intensity level
  • On/Off switch on the Touch System / remote foot pedal
  • Removable and autoclavable side handles
  • Shadowless multifaceted mirror
  • Articulated arm with spring balance

Water Unit “Infinity”

  • Swivel at 90°
  • Water tank capacity: 1000 ml
  • Removable Spittoon bowl in choosable color
  • Bowl flush water with timer, activated by touchpad panel / foot pedal
  • UV LED with antimicrobial properties
  • USB slot

Assistant Module “Infinity”

  • Two saliva ejector Venturi (Ø 6,5mm and Ø9,5mm)
  • Additional three-way syringe
  • Synchronized Gas Stool with Armrest


Texas Trip





  • Size of Chair (length): 79,13 in
  • Seat height in relation to the floor: minimum 17 in; maximum 28 in
  • Workload: 440 pounds (Patient weight + accessories + procedure)
  • Lifting capacity: 297 pounds


Optional items:


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Brochure Infinity Cevimed

5 years warranty parts and 2 years warranty labor