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What Does Refurbished Entail?

What does refurbished entail?Initial AssessmentTypically, our used equipment is sourced from hospitals or private practices. The reason to sell can range from upgrading a unit to closing down offices … read more

Buyers Guide: Hospital beds for the home

Throughout our many years of servicing medical professionals we have received feedback from our community over the years expressing elevated needs for the personal home. Through our continuous product … read more

How to Choose the Best Laboratory Autoclave

For many years, no one realized that cleanliness and sterilization affected health. In fact, it was just over 150 years ago that people realized doctors should wash their hands before surgery.Since th … read more
7 Things to Look for in a Medical Exam Table

7 Things to Look for in a Medical Exam Table

Starting a private practice is a wonderful way to use your skills to benefit people in the community. And with fewer doctors opening new private practices, it's even more in demand.But there's more to … read more