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GE - Healthcare Dash 4000 Patient Monitor - Refurbished

Cevi Med#: CM27843

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MSRP: $3,000.00
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About this item

GE Healthcare; Healthcare Dash 4000 Patient Monitor with BP Masimo Spo2, Temp, Printer

The full featured Dash 4000 monitor offers a 10.4-inch screen and is a comprehensive portable bedside monitoring solution.

From presentation in the Emergency Department to surgery in the OR to recovery in the PACU, treatment in the ICU and transfer to the Stepdown unit, the Dash monitor is an exceptional choice for every point of care.

  • Warranty: 1 Year


 Not Included

Products Number
ECG cable and leads 1
 Adult reusable SpO2 sensor 1
SpO2 extension 1
one NiBP cuff and hose, 1
printer 1
Roll of paper, 1
New battery 1
 Power cord 1

*Available Upon Request*



  • Lightweight and rugged for portability.
  • Advanced clinical parameters including 12SL for simultaneous ECG monitoring, GE EK-Pro for multi-lead arrhythmia analysis, ICG, mainstream and sidestream CO2 and GE DINAMAP NIBP with SuperSTAT.
  • Networking options include wired and wireless.
  • Up to 7 waveforms and up to 4 invasive pressures.
  • High resolution CRG trends for NICU monitoring.


Innovative parameter technology:

  • GE EK-Pro four lead arrhythmia analysis: The GE EK-Pro clinical algorithm provides advanced atrial fibrillation detection and alarming. Early and accurate identification of AFib may help prevent this arrhythmia from becoming chronic.
  • GE 12SL simultaneous 12 lead ECG detection: The 12SL algorithm provides improved P-wave detection, age and gender-specific interpretation and 12 lead buffer (if MUSE is offline, up to 12 ECGs are stored).
  • GE DINAMAP SuperSTAT blood pressure algorithm: The innovative GE DINAMAP SuperSTAT algorithm supports speed, comfort and artifact rejection for virtually all types of patients, including neonates with very low perfusion pressures, geriatrics and hyper/hypo tensive patients.



  • Size: 26 cm (diagonal).
  • Type: active-matrix color TFT.
  • Resolution: 640 by 480 pixels.
  • Number of traces: 6 maximum.
  • Number of seconds/trace: 4.9 at 25 mm/sec.
  • Sweep speed: 6.25, 12.5, 25 mm/sec (with erase bar).
  • Information window: displays non-real-time information without obstructing the display of real-time information.
  • Display organization: prioritized by parameter.



  • Number of channels: 2.
  • Input specifications – probe type: YSI series 400 or 700,
  • temperature range: 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F),
  • resolution: ±0.1°C.
  • Output specifications – parameters displayed: T1, T2,
  • accuracy: ±0.1°C for YSI series 4000 probes, ±0.3°C for YSI series 7000 probes, independent of source.
  • Alarms: user-selectable upper and lower limits for T1 and T2.



  • Standard leads available: I, II, III, V, aVR, aVL, and aVF. 10
  • lead wire cable: I, II, III, V, aVR, aVF, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6.
  • Leads analyzed simultaneously: I, II, III, and V (multi-lead mode).
  • Lead fail: identifies failed lead.
  • Alarms: user-selectable upper and lower heart rate limits.


Invasive Blood Pressure:

  • Number of channels: 2 (optional).
  • Transducer sites: arterial, femoral artery, pulmonary arterial, central venous, right atrial, left atrial, intracranial, and special.
  • Transducer requirements: 5 Vdc±0.1% excitation voltage.
  • Transducer output: 5 μV/V/mmHg. Input specifications – range: -25 mmHg to 300 mmHg, offset: ±150 mmHg.
  • Output specifications – frequency response: dc to 50 Hz (-0/+2 Hz).
  • Zero balance range: ±150mmHg.
  • Zero balance accuracy: ±1mmHg.
  • Zero balance drift: ±1mmHg over 24 hours.
  • Accuracy: ±2% or ±1mmHg, whichever is greater.
  • Alarms: user- selectable upper and lower limits for systolic, diastolic, and mean pressures.



  • Measurement technique: oscillometric.
  • Displayed parameters; systolic, diastolic, and mean pressures.
  • Systolic: 30-275 mmHg adult, 30-235 mmHg pediatric, and 30-135 mmHg neonate.
  • Diastolic: 10-220 mmHg adult, 10-220 mmHg pediatric, and 10-110 mmHg neonate.
  • MAP: 20-260 mmHg adult, 20-260 mmHg pediatric, and 20-125 mmHg neonate.
  • Pulse rate, as displayed in tabular trends: 30-200 bpm adult, 30-200 bpm pediatric, and 30-200 bpm neonate


Pulse Oximetry:

  • Parameters monitored: arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) and peripheral pulse rate (PPR).
  • SpO2range: 50 –100%. PPR range: 30-300 beats per minute.
  • SpO2 accuracy: ±2% (70-100%) and ±3% (50- 69%).
  • PPR accuracy: ±3 beats per minute.
  • Alarms: user-selectable upper and lower limits for SpO2 and PPR.



  • Information displayed: inspired and expired CO2 concentrations in %, mmHg, or kPa, respiratory rate, and continuous CO2 waveform.
  • Measurement ranges: PiCO2/FiCO2: 0 to 100 mmHg/0to13%. Pe CO2/ Fe CO2: 0 to 100 mmHg/0 to 13%;
  • RR: 0 to 120 breaths/min.
  • Accuracy: CO2: 5% of reading or ±2 mmHg, whichever is greater.
  • Display resolution: 1 mmHg. Rise time: less than 60 msec.
  • Respiration rate accuracy: ± breath/min



Weigth Dimensions Pcs/Pkg
182.4 oz. 27.4 cm x 24.3 cm x 29.3 cm 1/each