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Sell Your Equipment Today!


Whether you are upgrading your current equipment, condensing your practice, or have extra equipment on hand, we are interested in buying from you. We offer to buy up old equipment as we utilize gently used machinery for our refurbished product line. For more worn hardware, we will disassemble units for pieces and parts. 


All agreed upon offers are contingent on the technicians inspection report completed upon arrival of equipment. Should your equipment be deemed at a value below the provided unit description, Cevi Med reserves the right to provide a counteroffer or return the item back to the original owner at the owner's expense. 


How To Sell:


Step One: Take clear pictures of your equipment. Include images that display the machine as a whole and closeups that display any wear and tear or unit damage. To the best of your ability, you must disclose equipment wear and damage to be considered for purchase. 


Step Two: Write a description of the equipment you are interested in selling including:


  • Product Type

  • Brand

  • Model Number

  • Condition (New, Used and Working, Not Working)

  • Asking Price


Also be sure to include your name, the company you affiliate with, and a shipping address.


Step 3: Send this information to


We will review your email to verify all criteria is met and assess the industry's current demands to confirm inventory needs. Our purchasing team will notify you via email should we be interested in acquiring your offer. 


How Are Payments Received?


After we have an agreed upon transaction confirmed with all required information included, you will receive a purchasing contract to select your preferred option for payment. Options are as follows:


  • PayPal transfer (As prepayment)

  • In-Store Credit (As prepayment)

  • Check (Post payment made after items are received and inspected)


What Happens If There Are Issues With The Equipment?


When we receive equipment, our technician specialists will inspect the unit to ensure that the product description aligns to the machines actual condition. Should variations occur, we will contact the seller with our technician report to discuss counter offers if necessary. 


If our technician report reflects the value of the equipment to be below the original agreed purchasing price, the seller will have the below options:


  • Accept the counter offer 

  • Pay back the difference between the original purchasing price and the appraised value

  • Pay the shipping costs to send the equipment back

  • Allow Cevi Med to recycle the equipment if there is no value equated to the unit