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FAQ & Concerns

Product Questions:

Q: Does the price include shipping and taxes?


A: The price for each product does not include shipping. Shipping will be added during the checkout process. Taxes are not included and will only be added on for purchases delivered inside the state of Florida. All other states will not have tax included into their final purchase. 


Q: I am tax exempt, what would I need to do?


A: Please send a copy of your tax exempt certificate to and we will be able to custom your order to reflect the appropriate cost. 


Q: Does Cevi Med accept insurance?


A: Unfortunately, Cevi Med does not accept any type of insurance at this time.


Q: Can I rent or lease a product?


A: At this time we do not rent or lease out our products, but we can deliver purchases all across the Contiguous United States. 


Q: What's your warranty policy?


A: Information regarding a warranty policy can be found under the resources tab after clicking the item to view. Most of our refurbished items are given a 1-year warranty. Products sold new are only given manufacturer warranties. Products sold AS-IS are not given a warranty.


Q: Do refurbished items come with custom upholstery?


A: Yes, custom upholstery is free and you may select the color of your choice. All eligible items have the color chart within the description of the product.


Q: Can I get samples of the upholstery fabrics available?


A: Yes, please send an email to with your contact information, company address, and colors of interest. We will ship you the swatches to review.


Q: Are mattresses included with hospital beds?


A: Yes, any purchase of a hospital bed includes the mattress with the unit. Refurbished beds will have used mattresses, but we do sell new mattresses through our website as well.


Q: Does the equipment need to be assembled?


A: No, all of our refurbished equipment comes pre-assembled upon arrival. 


Q: Can I trade in or sell my old equipment to you?


A: Yes, please visit Sell To Us and follow the directions to send all sellable equipment to our purchasing department.


Ordering Questions:


Q: How can I track my order?


A: After your order was fulfilled, you received an email from that enclosed your tracking number. You will have to copy and paste that tracking number into the shipping carries website to locate your parcel. Click here for easy access.


Q: How to create an account?


A: For information on how to create an account, please click the link below:

     Creating A New Account


Q: How do I purchase online?


A: You can make online purchases by adding items to your "cart" then proceed to "checkout" by clicking the shopping cart in the right hand corner of the web page. There you will be able to finalize your purchase by adding payment information and confirming your purchase.


Q: Why I am receiving an error message while attempting to make a purchase?


A: You are likely receiving this error message due to the size of your purchase. Your bank works to protect your card and can decline purchases that are unusually large. All that you would need to do is contact your bank and inform them of the purchase you are about to make. You should then be cleared to make the purchase.


Q: How do I finance my purchase?


A: Most all of our products will have a financing plan available. We have partnered with Time Payment for processing our extended payment plans. You would need to call (877) 868-3800 to set up and manage your financing. 


Q: What's your return policy?


A: For information regarding returns please Here.


Q: How can I contact your office?


A: For information regarding all equipment, purchases, and product information please call us at 833-238-4633. You can also reach us through email at


Q: Where are you located?


A: We currently have only one location for our office and warehouse. Our address is:

1351 S. Leavitt Ave. #105

Orange City, FL 32763


Delivery Questions


Q: Where do you deliver?


A: Contiguous United States.


Q: Is a signature needed to receive my package?


A: Any item shipped through our partnered LTL carriers require a signature. These are usually for larger parcels containing beds or chairs. Small items delivered via USPS, UPS, or FedEx usually do not require a signature. 


Q: Can I pick up my order instead of having it delivered?


A: If you are local to Orange City, FL or are in the area you can stop by our office to pick up small equipment and supplies. If you are ordering items like hospital beds, chairs, or anything large enough to require transportation on pallets cannot be picked up. These items are required to be delivered by professional services to ensure customer and product safety. 


Q: How do I ship back my old upholstery when buying a new kit?


A: When you receive your new upholstery kit, included in the box will be return labs. You can put your old upholstery into the box with the return labels attached to the outside of the box. This will be shipped via Fedex.